What is VR?
Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of computer modeling and simulation to interact with an artificial Three-Dimensional (3-D) or other sensory environments. Even though you are placed in an environment that is not real, your body will react as if it is.

What is the age limit?
There is no age limit but you must be at least 48 inches (4ft) tall to enjoy our spaces properly.

Cost varies depending on the type of package you purchase. We also offer membership and seasonal discounts.

Does it feel real?
The fact is that the developers have put in a lot of effort to take you into a specific, simulated world and a lot of what you see although not real, feels very real. The thing is VR headsets actually just give you a visual representation of the simulated reality. You may feel your stomach drop at tall heights or jump at surprises around the corner.

What to do when feeling dizzy?

  1. When getting nauseous, DO NOT stand up fast simply close your eyes and stop immediately.
  2. Begin with a simple experience

What to do if you have never experienced VR?

  • Start with a simple experience/game Begin with a stable environment
  • Do not eat anything heavy before your experience

What are the benefits of VR
No risk You are in a safe and controlled area Innovative and enjoyable It could reduce stress

Why is VR becoming so popular?
After the world crashed during COVID-19 using a VR-HEADSET you can have a completely immersive experience traveling anywhere you want and enjoying every minute of it!